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4 Day-tours

Temples of Angkor And Beyond:

Temples of Angkor
Small Circuit Temples

Angkor wat

Bakeng hill


Angkor Thom




Elephant Terrace

Leper king Terrace


Chavsay Tevada

Ta Kao

Ta Prohm

Banteay Kdei

Prasat Kravan

Big Circuit Temples

Preah Khan

Neak Pean

Ta Som

East Mebon

Pre Rup

Beyond temples of Angkor
Interesting Temples on the Outskirts of Siem Reap

Beyond Temples

Kbal Spean

Phnom Kulen

Kor Ker

Beng Melea

Banteay Srei

Banteay Samre

Entrance Fee For Temples in Angkor Park
$37 USD a one day-pass
$62 USD three days-pass
$72 USD a one week-pass
Entrance Fee For Phnom Kulen
$20 USD a one day-pass (different angkor pass)
Entrance Fee For Beng Mealea
$5 USD a one day-pass

Daily Transportation And Prices:

Regular itinerary for 4 days
∙ DAY-1

Small circuit: The day tour reverses direction and avoids the tourists crowds.

due to the volume of tourists in Angkor, I recommend this itinerary, enabling you to feel  free and peaceful for your photos!

Angkor wat


Ta Promh

Elephant Terrace

Ta Keo

* In the morning!

- Time recommended to start: 7:00am or 7:30am, pick up from your hotel, we will traveling to visit the Ta Prohm (temple with the trees, giant roots on some parts of the wall ( also known as the Tomb Raider Temple, with huge trees growing over ancient temple walls ), at this time many tourists they stay at Angkor Wat for sunrise at 5:00am until 9:00am, and then we go to Ta Keo, Chavsay Tevada, and Thomanon.

- Break for lunch: I’ll guide you to a local restaurant, nearby, with good standard food. ON your account.

* In the afternoon: After lunch, we will continue on to Angkor Thom: include ( Bayon, Baphoun, Phimeanakas, the Elephant Terrace, and the Terrace of the Leper King).

- We go to visit Angkor Wat is the last one, Then it’s back to your hotel or guesthouse.

Traditional Cambodian Apsara Dance Show

Apsara Dance

Drama show

Traditional show

Enjoyable photo

Buffet foods

* Addition: If you are interested in a Traditional Cambodian Apsara Dance Show and Buffet Dinner, I can arrange your reservations & good seating. It starts  in the evening around 6:30pm-8:30pm, $12 USD/Person on your own account.

∙ DAY-2

Grand Circuit

Preah Khan

Neak Pean

Ta Som

East Mebon

Pre Rup

* In The Morning!

- Time recommended to start: 8:30am, After breakfast, we'll meet up at your hotel or guesthouse!

The first one is Preah Khan and then Neak Pean.

- Break for lunch: I’ll guide you to a local restaurant, nearby, with good standard food. ON your account.

* In the afternoon: After lunch, we will continue on to Ta Som, East Mebon, Pre Rup, then it’s back to your hotel, guesthouse or hostel.

∙ DAY-3

Banteay Srei + Landmine Museum + Banteay Samre (37)

Banteay Srei (Lady temple)

Banteay Samre

Landmine Museum

* In the morning:

- Time recommended to start: 8:00am, After breakfast, we'll meet up at your hotel or guesthouse. We'll visit the remote temple called Banteay Srei: this temple is the citadel of women temple with best detailed carving and pink sandstone located 37 km from Siem Reap town, then Landmine museum (if you are not interested not included). Then stop on the way to see the countryside market, Khmer products and palm sugar productions.

- Break for lunch: I’ll guide you to a local restaurant, nearby, with good standard food. ON your account.

* In the afternoon: After lunch, we will continue on to Banteay Samre, and then we come back to town.

Choose one of your favorite of day-4 for your itinerary!
∙ DAY-4
Beng Mealea (65km)

Beng Mealea on wood bridge

Beng Mealea gallery

Beng Mealea Library

Beng Mealea is a spectacular sight to behold. It's one of the most mysterious temples at Angkor, as nature has well and truly run riot. Built to the same floorplan as Angkor Wat, exploring this titanic of temples is Angkor's ultimate Indiana Jones experience. Built in the 12th century under Suryavarman II (r 1112-52), Beng Mealea is enclosed by a massive moat measuring 1.2km by 900m, much of which has dried up today).

This itinerary 4 days is $75 USD
** Tour guide not included, all tour guides are different languages and prices!

∙ DAY-4
Phnom Kulen 70km

Phnom Kulen

1000 Lingas

Preah Ang Thom

Phnom Kulen (Phnom Kulen is considered to be the birthplace and the first capital of the Khmer empire, the sacred mountain where King Jayavarman II proclaimed independence from “Java” in 802 CE). The first one we headed to beautiful 3 level waterfalls (natural pool you can swim), then we go to River of 1000 Lingas, Preah Ang  Thom (Big Buddha Statue).

This itinerary 4 days is $80USD
** Tour guide not included, all tour guides are different languages and prices!

Choose Additional Tours of your favorite one for including 4 day-tours

If you want to visit more things in Siem Reap!

Additional tours and prices:

Additional Sunrise or Sunset

Sunrise at

Angkor Wat

Extra: 5$

Sunrise at

Srah Srang

Extra: 5$

Sunset at

Angkor Wat

Extra 5$

Sunset at Bakheng hill

Extra: 5$

Sunset at

Phnom krom

Extra: 10$

Additional Tonle Sap  Lake Tour: Kompong Pluk (Flooded Forest)
in Day-2, Extra 10$ USD.

Kompong Pluk Village

Long Pillar-houses

Flooded Forest

Kompong Pluk: Kampong Phluk is a cluster of three villages of stilted houses built within the floodplain of the Tonle Sap about 16 km southeast of Siem Reap. The villages are primarily Khmer and have about 3,000 inhabitants between them. Flooded mangrove forest surrounds the area and is home to a variety of wildlife including crab-eating macaques.

Tanle Sap Lake, (floating village and forests) to see people, schools, hospitals, communities, fishing and crocodile farms and workshops or etc.

Additional Tonle Sap  Lake Tour: Chong Khneas (Floating village)
in Day-2, Extra 10$ USD.

Floating Village

Floating houses

Floating community

Chong khneas: Taking a boat tour and visiting the fishing community. Chong Khneas, while interesting, is over-touristed and is not as picturesque and 'unspoiled' as floating villages further from Siem Reap. The boat trip usually includes two stops: one at a touristy floating  'fish and bird exhibition' with a souvenir and snack shop, and the other at the very highly recommended Gecko Environment Centre, which offers displays and information introducing the ecology and biodiversity of the lake area.

Additional Peaceful and Quiet Sunset Tour : Phnom Krom Mountain
in Day-2, Extra 10$ USD. (Combine with Chong Khneas (Floating village)!

Quiet sunset and foods

Sunset view and beers

Sunset from Mountain

Phnom krom mountain: Close by the Chong Khneas or floating Village, this mountain is higher and nicer than Bakheng mountain and less tourists in peaceful that I always recommend to my lovely customers to see sunset there.

Additional Rolous Group Tour, in Day-4, Extra 5$ USD.
(Combine with Beng mealea temple.)

Lolei temple

Preah Ko temple

Bakong temple

Roluos is a Cambodian modern small town and an archeological site about 13 km east of Siem Reap along NH6. Once it was the seat of Hariharalaya, first capital of Khmer Empire north of Tonlé Sap (as the first capital in the strict sense of the term could have been Indrapura, identifiable with Banteay Prey Nokor), built by Khmer. They mark the beginning of classical period of Khmer civilization, dating from the late 9th century. Some were totally built with bricks.

Additional Kbal Spean Tour (50km)
This one is further 15km from Banteay Srey temple, it is possible in day-3
Extra 10$ USD.

Kbal Spean waterfall

Kbal Spean river

Kbal Spean rock's carving

Kbal Spean: (called Bridge Head, it is lovely historical mountain resort on the top of the mountain, nice view of nature, waterfall and 1000 lingas carved in the riverbed).


Pick-up from the airport, bus or boat stations & BRING you to your accommodation. you can choose between Tuk Tuk, a/c car or a mini van, upon your  request.

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